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Air Con Re-charge by Fox Garage

£49.00*Air Con Re-charge

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Air-Con Recharges, Services & Leaks

Why do I need an air-con recharge?

Air Conditioning systems require periodic recharges of the fluid which operates within the system in order to maintain operating efficiency. In fact, as much as 10% of the gas within your air-con system can permeate from your vehicle each year, which is why manufacturers suggest you should have your air-con recharged every two years. Remember that the air-con isn’t looked at during a service or MOT, so if you’re vehicle is over two years old, it’s likely to be due for an air-con recharge.

How much does an air-con re-gas cost?

Our standard price for an air-con recharge is £49. We often offer great value deals during the summer months, so keep an eye on our offers section of the website, as well as our Facebook page.

Why does my air conditioning system smell strange?

If your system is operating correctly but produces a mouldy or damp smell then your vehicle requires an air conditioning service which includes an anti-bacterial treatment, a change of pollen filter and a system inspection and re-charge. This will kill the bacteria building up within your air conditioning system and freshen the smell ofyour vehicle. Fox Garage offers this for the cost of just £79.

What if I have a leak in my air conditioning system?

Please bear in mind that occasionally, a vehicle’s system may not recharge correctly due to a leak. If this is the case then our fully trained technicians can carry out a leak detection test in order to trace and mend the leak. if the leak is not immediately obvious, our service team will then be able to provide you with a quote for further investigation and repair.

Booking your MOT

At Fox Garage, we offer vehicle air-conditioning recharges all-year round. We’ll have your vehicle in and out within the hour when you book a while you wait appointment today.

Call us to book your air-conditioning recharge, service or investigation on 01276 704600.

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