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Air-Con Recharge

Your air conditioning system needs to be recharged approximately once every two years. During this recharge, we top-up the fluid that runs through the system to keep your air-con nice and cool. We offer an conditioning recharge for just £49.00 - much cheaper than most of our competitors!

Air-Con Leaks

Your vehicles system may not recharge correctly due to a leak, if this is the case then our fully trained technicians* can carry out a leak detection test, if the leak is not immediately obvious, to diagnose the fault with your air conditioning system and our dedicated service team will then be able to provide you with a quote for repair.

Air-Con Servicing

If your air conditioning system is operating correctly but produces a mouldy or damp smell then your vehicle requires an air conditioning service which includes an anti-bacterial treatment, a change of pollen filter and a system inspection and recharge. This will kill off the bacteria building up within you air conditioning system and freshen your vehicle. Fox Garage Services offers this for the cost of just £79.00.

What's Included?

whats included