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Air-Con Recharge

Your air conditioning system needs to be recharged approximately once every two years, or whenever it starts to feel warm! During an air-con recharge, we top up the fluid that runs through the system, keeping your vehicle nice and cool.

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Air-Con Servicing

If your air conditioning system is operating correctly but produces a mouldy or damp smell, your vehicle may require an air conditioning service. This includes an anti-bacterial treatment, a change of pollen filter, a system inspection and a full recharge. The service will kill off any bacteria that has developed within you air conditioning system, and leave your vehicle smelling fresh.

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Air-Con Clean

Air-con started to smell? Our air-con clean flushes out bacteria and leaves your car smelling fresh.

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Air-Con Leaks

Your vehicle’s air conditioning system may not recharge correctly due to a leak, and if this is the case, our fully trained technicians can carry out a leak detection test. If our initial test is unable to locate the leak, we can carry out a further diagnosis to locate your air conditioning system’s leak or fault. Our dedicated service team will then be able to provide you with a quote for repair, but we’ll never carry out work without your permission.

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