Fox GarageBrake Replacement

Your braking system is essential to keeping you and other road users safe. Regular inspection and maintenance is therefore highly recommended. If you have anyconcerns about the efficiency of you braking system or you hear any grinding or metallic noises, please do not hesitate to book a free brake inspection. We will provide you with a braking inspection report and quote you for the repair with no obligation to have the work completed.

All braking systems comprise similar components including a master cylinder, brake servo, brake calipers, brake fluid and cylinders, discs, drums, brake pads or brake shoes. The brake system operates through a series of hoses and brake pipes (or linings) containing brake fluid. All of these components are subject to wear and tear and need to be inspected at least annually as part of the inspections carried out during servicing.

Our qualified technicians carry out brake system inspections during every service inspection looking for excessive wear to brake pads and discs or drums and also testing the brake fluid. During MOT Tests the performance of your vehicle’s braking system is tested on a rolling road to measure the amount of braking force generated while operating the hand and foot brakes. The braking forcegenerated is then recorded and must pass a minimum efficiency standard. Any reading or imbalance falling outside these tolerance levels will result in an MOT test failure.

What's Included?

whats included
  • Brakes
    • Handbrake linkage & travel - check & report.
    • Check brake calipers are not leaking and secure.
    • Brake pipes & hoses - visual check and report
    • Brake pads & discs - check & report
    • Full braking system - check & report
  • Free Brake Inspection

    Your braking system is essential to keeping you and other road users safe. Let Fox Garage Services carry out a free brake systems check and make sure your car is safe, legal and well maintained.

  • Why is brake fluid important

    Brake fluid is a non-compressible fluid which operates the braking system on your vehicle. Fox Garage services carries out a brake fluid check (which measures the water content of your vehicles brake fluid) with every service.

  • changing you brake fluid

    It is important to change your vehicles brake fluid every two years to ensure that the water content remains below 3%. High water content in your brake fluid can result in larger stopping distances.

  • Water in your brake fluid

    Brake fluid is hydroscopic, which means that over time it absorbs water, the increased water content can lead to rust and corrosion inside the braking systems which over time will compromise your vehicles brakes.