Fox GarageStandard Service

PRICING FROM £79.00 (£99.00 inc. MOT)


  • Replace oil and filter
  • 36-point safety check

Time required:

  • 1.5hr

Regular servicing helps to increase the life span of your vehicle and reduce the risk of breakdowns. Servicing is often based on the age or mileage of a vehicle, however, our service staff will work with you to find out what your vehicle needs.

Our fully qualified technicians will carry out a thorough examination of your vehicle and we will advise you of any faults or concerns regarding the safety and reliability of your vehicle, no work will ever be carried out on your vehicle without your permission.

This service is recommended every 12 months or every 10,000 miles - whichever comes first. It is a comprehensive range of services for interim maintenance between your major servicing.

We use original equipment quality parts on all of our services and we use high quality, low ash, fully synthetic 05W30 oil as standard. Specially developed for all makes and models including Audi, BMW, Ford, VW, Seat, Skoda and Vauxhall. 05W30 fully synthetic oil provides the ultimate protection for exhaust treatment devices such as diesel particulate filters and catalytic converters.

Please note: in the event your vehicle requires a non-standard oil, we reserve the right to make an additional charge. This may happen after the initial booking has been accepted, although we will notify you before we the service begins.

Our services are also covered by our twelve month or 12,000 mile warranty, to guarantee peace of mind.

What's Included?

whats included
  • Brakes
    • Handbrake linkage & travel - check & report.
    • Check brake calipers are not leaking and secure.
    • Brake pipes & hoses - visual check and report
    • Brake pads & discs - check & report
    • Full braking system - check & report
  • Clutch and Transmission
    • Check condition of clutch cable (where fitted & variable).
    • Check clutch operation.
  • Drive System
    • Drive shaft & gaitors - check & report.
    • Check condition & tension of auxiliary drive belt.
    • Check timing belt intervals and advise.
  • Electrical
    • Check car battery.
    • Check operation of horn.
    • Check operation of instrument warning lights.
    • Check operation of external lights.
  • Engine
    • Check fluid levels
    • Carry out brake fluid test.
    • Visual inspection for coolant leaks.
    • Visual inspection for oil leaks.
    • Replace Oil Filter
    • Replace engine oil.
  • Exhaust
    • Exhaust system - check & report.
  • Exterior
    • Check fuel cap.
  • General
    • Reset service light & stamp service book.
    • Road test.
    • Check mirrors (internal & external).
    • Check Door/Bonnet/Lock operation & lubricate hinges & catches.
  • Interior
    • Safety items check & report.
  • Steering and Suspension
    • Check for power steering fluid leaks & top up.
    • Power steering system - check & report.
    • Steering System - check & report.
    • Suspension system - check & report.
    • Coil Springs - check & report.
  • Tyres and Wheels
    • Wheel bearings - check & report.
    • Check & adjust tyre pressures.
    • Check tyre condition & depths.
  • Vision
    • Check windscreen wipers/washers.